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About us

  • by WMCO
  • 5 January 2016


On the sidelines of the Third Gulf Conference on the Halal Industry and its Services, Muslims from more than ten countries met and founded World Muslim Consumers Organization. WMCO is a not-for-profit organization registered in Paris, France (R.N.A : W751225859).

Currently there are several harms done to Muslim on the economic and social level. We need to identify them before acting on to defend Muslim consumers’ rights and values.

The aim of our activities is to promote universal Islamic values in the economic and social fields. But we are not a religious group or authority!

Our Vision

WMCO is a not-for-profit organization based on four principles:
-  Without conflict of interest (Directors have no Commercial or political activities)
-  Full transparency: « Publication of the key reports and the balance sheet».
-  Specialization and expertise
-  Commitment to the values of cooperation and solidarity

They are our principles for the protection of the Muslim consumer interests and rights in all fields according to our Islamic values and within the limits of Islamic laws regarding the halal Taiib, transactions and other Muslim Affairs.

Our Mission

• Promote and develop individual and collective actions of Muslim consumers to ensure the recognition and respect of their rights in all spheres of social life including food, education, health, the economy, work, culture and leisure...
• Defending in all places and at all proceedings with respect to material and moral interests of Muslim consumers.
• Information and awareness by publishing, media campaigns and by providing the means of training and education required.
• Legal and Administrative Assistance in all things necessary for life in society.

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