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Letter to ministry of food and health, Danish gvt.

  • par Philippe Robin
  • 4 juin 2015
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Dear Minister,

The World Muslim Consumers Organization is a member of the Federation of ASIDCOM (Federation of the Associations of Awareness, Information and Defense of Muslim Consumers). It is with great concern that WMCO has noted the latest development from the otherwise respected Danish Government.

Conforming to local regulations within the EU-regulations may be part of the argument used in banning the Muslim consumers from being able to have access to pure halal non-stunned meat including the right to do it within the community, especially for the major religious holidays. However, we must not forget that the application of these same regulations in many European countries is also used to provide Muslims and Jews the opportunity to slaughter without pre-stunning. Actually, the new European regulation (EC 1099/2009) says “it is important that derogation from stunning animals prior to slaughter should be maintained.” And it stresses that “as a consequence, this regulation respects the freedom of religious and the right to manifest religion or belief in worship, teaching, practice and observance, as enshrined in Article 10 of the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union”. Thus most European countries have decided to continue to permit the religious slaughter without any stunning (before or after the cut) as a fundamental human right for both the Muslim and Jewish communities.

Hence a basic human and religious right is compromised by not allowing Muslims to have meat prepared according to their religious obligations. It would be unfair not to mention the tolerance that Denmark is so strongly associated with especially from a historical point and thus it would be fitting for the Danish government once again to be a leader in protecting the rights of those citizens with special needs. There is a risk that to persist in banning the Muslims of Denmark from consuming locally slaughtered non-stunned meat could exacerbate the incorporation of Muslim into Danish society.

We would also like to mention that as a World Muslim consumer group we are concerned with the possible consequences of the ban. There is no doubt that in the Muslim world there is an increasing awareness of the interference in the production of halal meat by pre-stunning and there is thus an increasing tendency towards non-acceptance of stunned meat. As such it could jeopardize some Danish exports to the Middle East and Asia either leading to a stop in importations from Denmark or to the loss of established or pending financial and political relationships between Denmark and traditional Muslim countries. As an organization deeply involved directly with Muslim consumers and with the different official bodies in several countries, we can affect the process in either way depending upon your answer.

Our organization has received a copy of the answers of Dr A. Feigenbaum, Dr B. Fiszon (Grand Rabin de Metz) and Professor J.M. Regenstein to your letter of April 7 in which you indicated the scientific documents justifying the ban by your government of the religious slaughter of animals. As Muslim consumers we agree that the scientific grounds for the Danish ban are actually very weak and we feel that the Danish ban is directed towards casting a negative view on the Muslim and Jewish communities. We believe that both animal welfare and productivity could be met if slaughter houses employ enough well trained religious slaughterers and improve their equipment, training, and management. The attempt to create a second class citizenship for Danish Muslims and Jews is totally unacceptable.

We look forward to your answer and strongly urge you to undo your ban.

Kind regards

Date 05.15.2014 Kuwait, Kuwait City

  • Hanen REZGUI PIZETTE President of the World Muslim Consumers Organization
  • Lahcen BERKANE President of Federation ASIDCOM

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