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Our team

  • par WMCO
  • 23 mai 2016
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WMCO is directed by Muslim consumers from Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Algeria, Malaysia, USA, UK, France, Denmark, Kuwait, Palestine, India…

Hanen Rezgui Pizette(born 1978) is French (from Tunisian origin). She is the founder of WMCO and the Head of both WMCO and ASIDCOM (since2012), organizations of Muslim Consumers. She has backgrounds of both scientific (Master of research) and religious (licence of islamic science) fields. world.muslim.consumers(@)

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Dr Hani Mansour M. Al-Mazeedi

Hani Mansour M. Al-Mazeedi (born 1954) is a Kuwaiti scientist who specializes in Halal requirements, quality and Safety systems for food (HACCP/Pre-requiste programs such as GMP & GHP) and Halal services for the Halal Industry. He is the son of Mansour Mosa Al-Mazeedi, one of the founding members of the National Assembly of Kuwait. world.muslim.consumers(@)

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Prof. Dr. Ibrahim Hussein Ahmed Abd El-Rahim

Prof. Dr. Ibrahim Hussein Ahmed Abd El-Rahim is Professor of Infectious Diseases and Epizootiology, Department of Environmental and Health Research, The Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques Institute for Hajj and Umrah Researches, Umm Al-Qura University, Makkah Al-Mukaramah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. world.muslim.consumers(@)

Mufti Sayed Arif Ali Shah(born 1982) is Pakistani. He is the student of Mufti Taqi Usmani. He is author of many books about the Halal matter : "Sharia Halaal standards book", "Book on Halaal slaughtering", "Book on the halaal certification and related activities in the light of sharia", "Book on food safety in the light of sharia in correlation with ISO 22000"... He is Member of the PSQCA Halal committee (Pakistan). world.muslim.consumers(@)

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Hajah Mariam Binti Abdul Latif

Hajah Mariam Binti Abdul Latif is Associate Professor, University Malaysia Sabah, Faculty of Food Science and Nutrition, Universiti Malaysia Sabah. world.muslim.consumers(@)

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Abdul Majid KatmeMedical Researcher and Leader of the Muslim Campaign in the UK for the humane Prophetic Method of DHABH(without any stunning) for true Halal Tayyib meat. Ex-President : Islamic Medical Association/UK
Weekly TV Presenter of a Health show in English : Islam for your Health. Weekly Radio broadcaster on a global Muslim radio(CII). Ex-President : Islamic Medical Association/UK. world.muslim.consumers(@)

Mohammed Jinna A. J Mohamed Jinna A. J.Founding Chairman of United World Halal Development, Singapore, holding his Bachelor Degree in Computer Science from Baharathidasan University, India and done Masters in Telecommunication & Networking from Baharathidasan University, India. He has also pursued his Advanced Diploma in E-commerce from Singapore and Diploma in Islamic banking, Finance from United Kingdom and a Certified in Halal Auditing and Shari’ah Compliance from Malaysia. Is a dynamic personality who is pioneering the new evolution of alternative strategies in connection with “Halal – A Global Perspective of Health & Hygiene”. world.muslim.consumers(@)

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Aboulala Sliman Bin Hammou

Aboulala Sliman Bin Hammou Master Student Biotechnology Engineering, International Islamic Uinversity Malaysia, research and development department. world.muslim.consumers(@)

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Dr. Alaa B. Abbas

Dr. Alaa B. Abbas ( born 1962),Head of Analytical medical Laboratory specialist, public health labs Dep. Kuwait. He has PhD, Egypt , 2000. , MD, Military Medical Academy, Egypt 2006., Diploma in Toxicology 1989., 21 Publication, Ha has about 32 years of experience of dealing with Laboratory Analysis Pharmaceuticals, medical, chemicals and food analytical work. world.muslim.consumers(@)

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Dr. Kamran Shah

Dr. Kamran Shah is a Religious Advisor in The Islamic Society in Denmark. He is Senior Consultant in Gastrointestinal Surgery. world.muslim.consumers(@)

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Dr. Mustapha Zebdi

Dr. Mustapha Zebdi is the President of the Algerian Consumer organization APOCE, Algiers. He is academic health physician at the university residence, Algeria. world.muslim.consumers(@)


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