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WMCO Survey: Halal meat and stunning

  • by WMCO
  • 8 January 2016
  • عربي Version
  • français Version

SURVEY ! The World Muslim Consumers’ Organization is an umbrella organisation with affliation with ASIDCOM (France), APOCE (Algeria), (UK), Ikeethalal (Netherlands), ASEVE Fondation (Belgium), HalalNews (Japan) and SAARC (South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, Maldives, Bhutan) that work to protect the Rights of Muslim consumers to meet their religious obligations and requirements within the Halal market. This first survey is focused on stunning and the slaughter practices of halal meat.

Several European countries are banning and/or making it difficult for Religious slaughter(without pre-stunning or post-cut stun), while selling & exporting a different version of halal meat products (pre-stunned) to Muslim countries and Muslim minorities.

Please, take 2 minutes to share your views regarding the halal slaughter(Dhabh) of animal.

E.g. (captive bolt), water bath stunning (poultry), electric head stunning, gassing/ ex. Pistolet d'abattage, le gazage des animaux, l'électronarcose (électricité) المسدس، الكهرباء، الغاز

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